Website marketing videos for small to medium businesses

Have you visited your business’s homepage from a potential client’s point of view lately?

If so, did you find that your website, clearly stood out from your competitors? Demonstrated you
were professional, trust worthy and easily the best choice for the job…all in less than 90 seconds?
It’s likely you have spent considerable time and money to get people to your webpage in the first only to lose prospects at the last

With a promotional video by In Shot Productions on your home page you can capture
prospects instantly, taking them through all the benefits of doing business with you in a matter of

It’s engaging, builds trust and delivers your key message in a way that text and photos alone simply
can not compete with.

“Video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than a text based website.
~Forester Research.”

How an In Shot Productions promotional video can help your business:

sbdc_shoot (1)
● Engage visitors to your website instantly.
● Capture new leads beyond your website through social media including Youtube and Facebook.
●Convert prospects to sales in less time with less effort.
●Improve your Google search ranking.
●Build instant trust and leave a memorable Impression.

At In Shot Productions we create high quality, results driven website marketing videos that will
bring your business to life!

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