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2015 AVPA Award Winner Video Production Perth

Video is one of the most powerful mediums for communicating a strong, clear & memorable message, research over the years has demonstrated this time and time again.

Compared to other communication methods, the advantage of video is that it connects with the viewer at an emotional level. You can write in text the benefits your company provides, but it isn’t until these messages are expressed by a human voice and face are they really embedded in the viewers mind.

Video allows you to do this in a cost and time effective way providing a great return on investment. We provide fresh and engaging productions to inform, motivate and entertain a variety of audiences, helping your business or organisation achieve it’s communication goals.

Some of the ways we can assist includes:
  • Promotional films to enhance brand and build awareness
  • Public relations videos for your companies websitevideo-production-filming-perth-Tourism-WA-3
  • Community engagement and news style pieces for facebook and social media.
  • Educational films.
  • Corporate news and internal video communications.
  • Personalised tender and proposal video introductions.
  • Event coverage and seminars.
  • Government and non-profit organisation video communications.
You complete production distributed in a number of ways:
  • Website & and internal video clips
  • Social media including facebook and youtube.
  • Interactive DVD’s & Blu-Ray media
  • Power point presentationsvideo-production-filming-perth-Tourism-WA-1
  • Screen loops for show rooms and exhibitions
We can provide everything from concept to creation including:
  • Idea Development
  • Script Writing
  • Pre Production
  • Location Filming
  • Post Production
  • Delivery Format Production & Duplication.

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