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Do you know how to maintain your car? Host training videos

Monday, October 29th, 2012

host training video How Do I Maintain My Car

Recently we were hired by Evolve Curriculum Development & Training / Department of Education to create a short car maintenance video. This video actually features Craig as the host who not only acted as the presenter but also educator on how to top up the oil in your car right through to changing a tyre.

How a host can help:

Using an engaging host in a training video is a great technique to make the information you wish to impart memorable. They will help the viewer’s attention span remain focused as the host is talking directly to them.

I thought Craig did an amazing job. Who would not benefit from watching this?

host training videos

Craig volunteered to be host in this video

Electronic tablets sure make in car camera monitoring a lot easier now days.

host training videos

Craig doing his piece to camera, while driving, while videoing himself. Who says men can’t do two things at once!

How we had to mount the camera in order to get the in car stuff (upside down!)

host training videos

The camera rigged up to some suction cups, on camera light and a wide angle lens

Hilarious fun fact;

I videoed and edited this segment myself and then a couple of months later, I had to watch it back on my smartphone via youtube when my mum’s car tyre needed changing. I did it solely on watching the video and it was the first time I had ever changed a tyre!

host training videos

Changing my first ever tyre and proudly showing off my dirty hands!