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How To Make A Cat Repellent Automatic Sprinkler

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Craig has released a new video on his “how to” youtube channel, Turnah81 and with it an ebook. That’s right, Craig is now a published author!
So the video and book is simple instructions on how to make your own automatic sprinkler animal repellent for only $15 in parts.

Commercial versions of this concept can be really expensive- ranging from $80 to $190! Which is partly what inspired Craig to come up with this design.

This simple project can be used:

  • As a Cat or Dog Repellent
  • Animal Deterrent for other backyard pest like Squirrels, Bears, Possums, Raccoons & Deer 
  • Use it to stop a pet dog digging in your yard
  • To stop ducks sitting on your pool
  • Prevent birds from killing fish in a pond
  • Keep birds off a window ledge
  • Prank friends or family
  • or even as a fun & educational school science project.

Autism Awareness Day – April 2nd

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Of all the work we do and all the videos that we make, this is the most important to Craig and myself.
Our son Nate was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 3 years old. He attends a mainstream school with the help of a special needs aide.
The school holds an Awareness Day every year to teach children about the disability and difference.

Through education comes understanding and through understanding comes acceptance.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all school’s embraced this?

To find out more check out the Autism Awareness website

Wake up your audience by livening up your training videos!

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Training videos can traditionally be tedious and boring with a monotone voice over that will put you to sleep within minutes. A great way to liven things up is to replace this outdated video style with a role play. It is the same message but delivered with professional actors in a scripted scene. It is an easier format for viewers to retain information and they can see what they are being taught in relevant examples.

In these two video one scenario is played out in two different ways so the viewer can see the difference between doing something the correct way and the incorrect way and how a customer reacts because of this.

The Tourism Council of WA hired us to create these videos in order to train customer service personnel in the tourism industry. “The benefits to the trainers using the videos has been professionalism and the ability to use realistic examples, especially for the visual learners. Feedback from the trainees has been positive” – Julia from the Tourism Council of WA

video production filming perth











behind the scenes video production perth











test slide 2

Instagram Film Competition – a great way to build your following

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Rockingham Shopping Centre created an under 18 Instagram Film competition with the theme ‘This Is Rocky.’ We were hired to help promote the competition, so we came up with the idea to create a series of 6 videos that can help the entrants produce a higher quality product. Have a watch you might pick up on a tip or two!

social media competitions

Behind the scenes filming Craig’s piece to camera

We even helped Rockingham Shopping Centre pick the winners and were there to capture the awards night. What a bunch of talented kids they were. Very proud to be part of this production.

We win the 2014 Awards!

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Building your brand with video

Midland Gate together with Rockingham Shopping Centre created a short video series promoting their Spring Fashion range available in the centres. They did this as a series of “how to” videos on fashion with Blogger Adelle Cousins from Where the Styled Things Are and “how to” make up videos with Professional Make Up Artist Simone Cohen from SC Artistry. By utilising video they were able to increase their social media presence with the appropriate target market and showcase the fashion that is available in an informative an engaging way that keeps the viewers watching until the end.

social media online video

Behind the scenes in the studio

building brand online presence

Craig was roped in to be a scarf model!

Video helps them build their brand and improves their online presence. With this video series we won the Australian Video Producers Association 2014 awards for Education and Training

2014 award winner video production

2014 Award winner!


Innovator of the year 2014 Video Production

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

The Innovator of the Year program, organised by the Western Australian government, is to promote and commercialise innovative business solutions and products.

We have been lucky enough to do be part of the amazing program for a few years in a row now and every year we find it more inspiring than the last. We are helping to promote innovation in Western Australia!

The videos are featured as a back story for each of the finalists, these are played just prior to the awards winner announcement and also, as promotional tool online for the finalist after the event is over.
franmarine working
Poster Frame - Microscope in a needle

We Make Another Viral Short Film – How to Stop Cats Forever

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

This is the sequel to my viral short film How to Stop Cats Pissing on Your Car – The Best Cat Video Ever! It follows on my struggle and solution to my problem with neigbourhood cats urinating on my car and property.

viral short film

Craig welding together the “device”

Seriously I don’t hate cats, This video was the result of a legitimate ongoing problem we have had with cats in our area. Washing cat urine off our doors and cars was becoming an increasingly time consuming and frustrating part of our weekly routine. Not to mention the many nights lost sleep with cat fights, we have even had property damage.

Basically I thought “bugger it”, why not turn our problem into entertainment? Everyone likes a funny cat video on youtube 😉

viral short film

A scene from the film

So what’s it about?

In the sequel I take the basic concept of the first video and just make it…well…extreme. I don’t want to give too much away, you will just need to watch the video. So far it has been received very well with over 230 000 views. Plus it has just become a finalist for the short film competition Rottofest. The winner will be announced on Sunday 8th September.

viral short film

The device in action on my first test subject (my sister)

viral short film

One of my other “inventions” featured in the video

viral short film

Drive by coffee. Sounds like a great idea (to everyone but the customer)

If you would also see how Kristen and I act behind the scenes watch the blooper reel below.

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I have been dubbed the Aussie MacGuyver so my lovely wife photoshopped this for me. I laugh every time I see it!

viral short film

Aussie MacGyver!

Original Cat Video:

If you are unfamiliar with my original video “How to Stop Cats Pissing on Your Car, The Best Cat Video Ever! I have linked to it below.

WA Innovator of the Year Awards Video Production

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

The WA Innovator of the Year Awards is one of Western Australia’s most prestigious business and innovation awards programs.

We were selected to produce 9 creative and informative background video stories for each of the finalists. This was broadcast on the awards night as well as used to further promote the finalists achievements to an international audience online. The production included the express turnaround of the videos (production taking place between the finalist announcement and event date) and also included the video graphics production for the multimedia display at the event.

Category winner Kanopy receiving their award. You can see the Master of Ceremonies - Susannah Carr off to the side

Category winner Kanopy receiving their award. You can see the Master of Ceremonies – Susannah Carr off to the side

The media area for the Awards presentation. Kristen at the ready!

The media area for the Awards presentation at Crown Perth. Kristen at the ready!

As entertaining and amazing as all of the finalists were, I won’t go into detail about all of them, just my favourites!

Finalist – Wireless Underwater Communication System

Interviewing Paul from L3 Nautronix about his underwater communications technology

Interviewing Paul from L3 Nautronix about the underwater communications technology his team created

Working with Paul at L3 Nautronix in Fremantle, He has recently returned from Hollywood director, James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge dive to the earth’s deepest point. Paul’s team created the underwater communications technology here in WA to survive the 11km decent to the ocean floor! James Cameron’s 3D documentary about the dive should be out early next year.

Finalist – A Floating Droplet Solution to Oil Spills

Filming Dr Chi working on his solution to break down oil spills

Filming Dr Chi working on his solution to break down oil spills at Curtin University

Dr Chi & Prof Moses from Curtin University have invented a solution to break down oil spills in the ocean which is environmental friendly compared to the current use of solvents. It makes water droplets float on top of the oil which capture the sunlight to degrade the oil. Go WA innovations!

Finalist – The HIVAP Airconditioning System

Interviewing Graeme who has invented over 80 things in his lifetime!

Interviewing Graeme who has invented over 80 things in his lifetime!

Who remembers the DirtSurfer? (Pictured Bottom Right, in the above image) It made world news and was invented by Graeme here in the late 90’s. We discovered this when filming his new high efficiency evaporative air-conditioning system, HIVAP. Turns out he has invented over 80 things including a lot of well known windsurfing and surfing technology. What an inspirational conversation… and guy! Kristen had to drag me away to the next shoot in the end.

Winner – Novel Treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Professor Steve Wilton from the University of Western Australia has developed a novel treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – a genetic disorder that affects boys and results in muscle degeneration and eventually death. A very humbling and awe inspiring interview. A very worthy winner.

To watch all the finalists and winners click on this playlist.

Do you know how to maintain your car? Host training videos

Monday, October 29th, 2012

host training video How Do I Maintain My Car

Recently we were hired by Evolve Curriculum Development & Training / Department of Education to create a short car maintenance video. This video actually features Craig as the host who not only acted as the presenter but also educator on how to top up the oil in your car right through to changing a tyre.

How a host can help:

Using an engaging host in a training video is a great technique to make the information you wish to impart memorable. They will help the viewer’s attention span remain focused as the host is talking directly to them.

I thought Craig did an amazing job. Who would not benefit from watching this?

host training videos

Craig volunteered to be host in this video

Electronic tablets sure make in car camera monitoring a lot easier now days.

host training videos

Craig doing his piece to camera, while driving, while videoing himself. Who says men can’t do two things at once!

How we had to mount the camera in order to get the in car stuff (upside down!)

host training videos

The camera rigged up to some suction cups, on camera light and a wide angle lens

Hilarious fun fact;

I videoed and edited this segment myself and then a couple of months later, I had to watch it back on my smartphone via youtube when my mum’s car tyre needed changing. I did it solely on watching the video and it was the first time I had ever changed a tyre!

host training videos

Changing my first ever tyre and proudly showing off my dirty hands!

Narrative role play training video

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Narrative role play in a training video is such a powerful technique that is both engaging and memorable. We were hired by Evolve to produce a scene which was to be acted in two different ways to be used as a training technique.  These two different scenes are meant to show the difference on how the main character “Fazio” can be more assertive in getting her point across to her friend and driving instructor without being rude.

Dave our audio guy finding the edge of frame

Dave our audio guy finding the edge of frame

Director and Audio guy taking 5

Director and Audio guy taking 5

This video was produced in conjunction with other supported material so as a stand alone video it may appear a little obscure. However you can still see how engaging professional actors can be in a training video.

I just love working with such talented Perth actors. They were a dream.

evolve hail

The beauty of shooting outdoors – dealing with the weather!

This hail turned a 3 hour shoot into a 7 hour shoot! It was a terrific day though and it was awesome to meet some great people.