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Cinema Advertising Utilising Professional Video

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Professionally videoed cinema advertising targeted in your catchment area, is a fantastic marketing tool. Your relevant target market is sitting there at full attention without the ability to skip the advertising. Here are some examples of a variety of cinema adverts that we have provided for our clients.

Contact CINEads Australia if you would like to find out more about how to advertise at your local cinema.


Armani Bar and Kitchen Leederville

Dale Cottages

City of Mandurah Stretch Arts Festival

Goliath Fitness Is Not Your Average Gym

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Testimonial driven videos are such a great way to get your message across without the hard sell. Explain what you do through your interview, then let the client sing your praises in their own words. Remember people connect with people rather than a faceless voice over. Be honest and real and the audience will connect.


Goliath was a great business to work with as they trusted us completely. We suggested they put forth a main promotional video and then 2 or 3 subsequent videos that explained certain parts of their gym that they wanted to promote. This way they ended up with a short, sharp entertaining promotional video that didn’t drag on for 20 minutes explaining everything that didn’t appeal to the general audience. They loved the idea, so we ended up with a main promo video, a mums and bubs targeted video, a video about training and physio and lastly a video targeted around their GoFit Hiit program.

Instagram Film Competition – a great way to build your following

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Rockingham Shopping Centre created an under 18 Instagram Film competition with the theme ‘This Is Rocky.’ We were hired to help promote the competition, so we came up with the idea to create a series of 6 videos that can help the entrants produce a higher quality product. Have a watch you might pick up on a tip or two!

social media competitions

Behind the scenes filming Craig’s piece to camera

We even helped Rockingham Shopping Centre pick the winners and were there to capture the awards night. What a bunch of talented kids they were. Very proud to be part of this production.

Effective Video Marketing with a Direct Piece to Camera

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Want to effectively market to your potential clients?

A direct piece to camera is a sure way to speak directly to your potential clients. It helps you connect with the audience as it feels that you are speaking personally to them.

direct piece to camera

Craig filming the piece at the Altitude Real Estate office in Subiaco

Hold a competition

Presenting a competition in the form of a piece to camera is a way to add those potential clients to your newsletter email list. This way you can keep in contact with them on a regular basis. Check out how entrepreneur Paul Tonich from Altitude Real Estate nails his direct to camera video piece whilst promoting a competition.

Contact us if you would love to do something like this for your business.

“90% of all web traffic will be video” Youtube’s jaw dropping predictions for the future.

Friday, February 17th, 2012

This is just one of many amazing predictions emerging in relation to the future of online video consumption worldwide, and it’s no surprise as in Australia alone 10.7 million people are already watching online video every month.

What this means is online video will be vitally important for business of all sizes to avoid fading away into the background.
The Australian Media and Communications Authority is now even urging small to medium enterprises to start looking at ways they can use professionally produced video content to generate more revenue.

So for business owners the question is no longer “should I” but “when will I start using online video to promote my business?”

If you are looking to take advantage of online video marketing feel free to get in contact with us for a chat about how we can help your business grow.

10 great tips for selecting a corporate video production company

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Selecting the right video producer for your business’s next corporate or training video can be a daunting task. With so many out there to choose from where do you start?

To help businesses we have detailed ten important aspects to look for and consider when seeking quotes and accessing a production company’s ability to provide you with a successful video product.

1. View their completed work
View a variety of the company’s work keeping both high production quality and video purpose/strategy in mind. (See our article on Quality & Purpose)
When both of these aspects are being met, you should find yourself being pulled into the story with no distracting elements.

In short, if their work quality isn’t something you imagine being worthy of TV then the chances are anything they produce for your business will be lost on your audience.

2. Show Reels
Be aware that some companies show reels (video portfolios) may contain footage from projects that the business owner only played a minor role in. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about past projects.

3. Sound
Audio is an amazingly complex, art within itself, if your project requirements include sound recording, ask to see examples where sound is captured in the way it will be required in your project. This may include: Interviews, live event sound, actors dialogue with a boom mic, voice over etc.

4. Relevance to your project
Find or ask to view work samples of similar style and content, specific to what you are doing. Or at least examples that encompass the production skill traits that will be required for your project.

5. Are they actually a “Video Producer”
The term “Video” encompasses a variety of visual media, be aware that you may be getting a quote from someone who specialises in graphics & animation and has little experience with professional  location video acquisition. They may still shoot your project but you could end up with a less than average job.

6. Professional Background
Don’t be afraid to ask about their formal film and television training and specifics in any professional production experience . i.e. 20 years experience in a TV studio sound department probably isn’t going to result in a good marketing video for your company.

7. Australian Video Producers Association
Although video production is an unregulated industry in Australia, you can gain some security by  hiring an accredited member of the AVPA . This is a guarantee of quality workmanship and compliance
to a professional code of conduct.

8. Insurance
Check that your video production company has appropriate public liability insurance in place. For some companies this is standard practice when dealing with contractors but don’t hesitate to ask for a Certificate of Currency.

9. Who’s actually doing the work?
If you are booking a company due to an individuals credentials or ability. Check to see who in their team will actually be performing the work, they may even sub-contract to another company. Check you are happy with the experience of the people you will actually be working with.

10. When requesting a quote
Quotes can vary wildly from company to company as producers can interpret a video solution to a client’s brief differently. It is important though that you don’t assume that the work samples you viewed is the quality and style that will be used in your project. Ask the company to reference style specific examples in their quote or at least discuss with you the details of the shooting style they will use in your video.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

How to choose a corporate video production business to make you money, not cost you money

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Promotional videos should make you money, Training videos should save you money, Poorly produced video will just cost you money.

Having a video produced can be an involved process but when done well it will play a major role in representing your brand or communicating your message, providing you with a great return on investment. However if produced by the wrong company it can end up being a costly exercise.

It is important to note that video production is an unregulated industry in Australia and as such we are seeing an increasing number of production companies producing work that is nothing short of cringe worthy.

The reason we often see this work is because a large number of our recent projects is reproducing work for companies that had been let down by these “production companies”.

Bad video is such an epidemic worldwide that there is even now an award, “The Sucky Video Awards” dedicated to finding the most spectacularly awful business videos on the web.

Your video should achieve a great return on investment. When seeking a video production company the two most important factors that a producer should be able to demonstrate in their work to achieve this for you is Quality & Purpose.

1. High Production Quality It’s kind of an obvious point but a factor people still frequently miss or skimp on. Poor quality video will result in your message being lost and can even damage your image. High production value in all aspects in the visuals and sound engages and immerses the audience in the message.

2. Purpose
Is the production company a visual communication expert or just an artist?

Your video producer should have a good understanding of marketing and communication. They need to not only be an artist but need to be a master of story telling and marketing. Their goal is to have an excellent understanding of your business and what you want to achieve, not just be motived by capturing images that will look good in their show reel

To summarise the two main points above I present my formula for a successful video campaign:

High Production Quality+ Purpose & Strategy = Viewer Engagement = Message Retention = Behaviour Change = High Return on Investment.

Be sure to comment and let us know what else you think are important qualities of great video or tell us about the worst promotional or training video you have seen?
Also see: 10 tips for choosing a video production company and requesting quotes.

Thinking of starting a business in the tourism industry?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Tourism Boost main Thumnail

The Small Business Development Corporation “Tourism Boost” program is aimed to help motivate and educate people starting a tourism based business in WA. The online video component of this program features the stories of 6 real WA business owners who share their experience in a range of areas including motivation, cash flow, marketing and business planning.

Filming an interview with Adam from Adam's Coachlines

Filming an interview with Adam from Adam’s Coachlines about how to stay motivated in business

Craig filming the tourists arriving by ferry at Penguin Island, Western Austalia

Craig filming the tourists arriving by ferry at Penguin Island, Western Australia

We loved being part of this project. It was so motivating talking to other business owners and listening to their struggles and how they overcame them. Definitely a watch if you would like to hear what it is really like owning a business, especially in the tourism industry.

Filming the penguins at Penguin Island, Western Australia

Filming the penguins at Penguin Island, Western Australia

We were lucky enough to receive this wonderful feedback from Kym regarding this project.

“Thank you so much!!!!! I have just viewed the video and absolutely love what you have done. It flows so well and is interesting to watch. It is exactly what we were after.
I can’t thank you enough, it is of such a high quality and you were great to work with.
You really have a wonderful talent. I’ll definitely continue to recommend you to whomever needs videos!”

To watch all 6 videos on operating a business in the tourism industry click here