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Mandurah’s Crab Festival

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Ever been to a crab festival? Mandurah WA holds one every year across 3 days, called Crab Fest.

Fresh Oysters!
Live music in the beer garden

It includes music, food, fireworks and carnival rides. It is just great day out for the whole family.
We were hired by the City of Mandurah to produce a 60 second video of the massive event.

Craig filming the crowd’s reaction to Montaigne

It was a full on day for Craig and myself, working for 12 hours on our feet with a quick 15 minute lunch break thrown in the middle between events! Lots of fun though and we were thrilled to be part of it. Especially being able to see the amazing Montaigne perform.

South West Australian Arts Festival

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Every year The City of Mandurah holds a Stretch Arts Festival which showcases art and music in a free event. We were hired to create a highlight video of the weekend of activities. Craig and I enjoy videoing these types of events as you are able to capture people naturally having fun without being aware of the camera.

Throughout the two day festival, participants experience and enjoy performance, dance, music, visual arts, theatre and outdoor activities with events being delivered by renown and upcoming local, Australian and international companies and artists. Check out the video we made showing the highlights of the weekend. Definitely worth a visit if you can make it in 2019.

For more information check out the City of Mandurah website

Wake up your audience by livening up your training videos!

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Training videos can traditionally be tedious and boring with a monotone voice over that will put you to sleep within minutes. A great way to liven things up is to replace this outdated video style with a role play. It is the same message but delivered with professional actors in a scripted scene. It is an easier format for viewers to retain information and they can see what they are being taught in relevant examples.

In these two video one scenario is played out in two different ways so the viewer can see the difference between doing something the correct way and the incorrect way and how a customer reacts because of this.

The Tourism Council of WA hired us to create these videos in order to train customer service personnel in the tourism industry. “The benefits to the trainers using the videos has been professionalism and the ability to use realistic examples, especially for the visual learners. Feedback from the trainees has been positive” – Julia from the Tourism Council of WA

video production filming perth











behind the scenes video production perth











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Thinking of starting a business in the tourism industry?

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Tourism Boost main Thumnail

The Small Business Development Corporation “Tourism Boost” program is aimed to help motivate and educate people starting a tourism based business in WA. The online video component of this program features the stories of 6 real WA business owners who share their experience in a range of areas including motivation, cash flow, marketing and business planning.

Filming an interview with Adam from Adam's Coachlines

Filming an interview with Adam from Adam’s Coachlines about how to stay motivated in business

Craig filming the tourists arriving by ferry at Penguin Island, Western Austalia

Craig filming the tourists arriving by ferry at Penguin Island, Western Australia

We loved being part of this project. It was so motivating talking to other business owners and listening to their struggles and how they overcame them. Definitely a watch if you would like to hear what it is really like owning a business, especially in the tourism industry.

Filming the penguins at Penguin Island, Western Australia

Filming the penguins at Penguin Island, Western Australia

We were lucky enough to receive this wonderful feedback from Kym regarding this project.

“Thank you so much!!!!! I have just viewed the video and absolutely love what you have done. It flows so well and is interesting to watch. It is exactly what we were after.
I can’t thank you enough, it is of such a high quality and you were great to work with.
You really have a wonderful talent. I’ll definitely continue to recommend you to whomever needs videos!”

To watch all 6 videos on operating a business in the tourism industry click here