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Check out our latest Showreel!

Friday, January 30th, 2015

It’s so hard to find time to do!

The mechanic’s car is never fixed and our showreel is rarely updated! However I am so happy when we schedule in the time to update it as we have worked on some really fun projects with some really great people. I love our job, I love the people we meet, the stories that we hear, no two jobs are the same. We make some great friends along the way and we love hearing the wonderful feedback about how our video has increased their web traffic and converted more sales. Thank you to all of our past clients and we look forward to all of our new clients for 2015! We hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Out latest showreel was runner up in the 2014 Australian Video Producer’s Association awards.

video production perth

Behind the scenes working on some narrative role play for the Tourism Council

Cockburn Ice Arena Promotional Video

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Here is a small business promotional video we did for Cockburn Ice Arena. I know what your first question is “how did you walk on the ice and film without falling over?” Well MacGuyver (Craig) came up with the ingenious idea of “screw shoes” Surprisingly they worked a treat!

Screw shoes in full effect!

Screw shoes in full effect!

It was so much fun filming The owner Calandra organised for the ice hockey team to perform for us. Holy moly they are fast!

ice hockey video

Craig setting up for the players to zoom past him

Craig setting up the GoPro in the net, so we could get some cool “goal shots”

GoPro in ice hockey goals

Craig setting up the GoPro

They all enjoyed it when we called the puck a “ball” and the hockey stick a “bat”

Kristen concentrating hard while she's videoing on the ice. For the Ice Skating Promotional video

Concentrating hard!

They were very happy with the finished product. Check out the video, but be warned, it really makes you want to go ice skating!