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Check out our latest Showreel!

Friday, January 30th, 2015

It’s so hard to find time to do!

The mechanic’s car is never fixed and our showreel is rarely updated! However I am so happy when we schedule in the time to update it as we have worked on some really fun projects with some really great people. I love our job, I love the people we meet, the stories that we hear, no two jobs are the same. We make some great friends along the way and we love hearing the wonderful feedback about how our video has increased their web traffic and converted more sales. Thank you to all of our past clients and we look forward to all of our new clients for 2015! We hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Out latest showreel was runner up in the 2014 Australian Video Producer’s Association awards.

video production perth

Behind the scenes working on some narrative role play for the Tourism Council

Some recent behind the scenes shots- Tourism WA

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Some behind the scenes shots of a recent film shoot. This is a production we are doing for the Tourism Council of WA. It is always a pleasure working with and directing talented actors. A big thanks to the Rockingham Visitors centre and Mosmans
video-production-filming-perth-Tourism-WA-2 video-production-filming-perth-Tourism-WA-1 video-production-filming-perth-Tourism-WA-3


6 tips for producing awesome online marketing videos in 2014

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Use people!

It sounds simple enough but so rarely done well, if at all. Product slide shows & animated text just don’t cut it.

At a minimum level use real shots of real people working in the company or shots of clients benefiting from your service.

Ideally use client testimonials or have the people behind the company share their story in an interview based video.

Remember -People do business with people not companies.

Real people


 Avoid Animation

Animation definitely has its place to demonstrate what may be hard for one to visualise, but not to convey the story of people and to build an emotional connection with a prospect.

Fad “Infographic” & animated “Explainer” videos rarely build trust in a viewer. More often than not they simply spew out emotionless information that at times is hard for the audience to even follow.

Think about how many major brands you have seen using them for their marketing?

A Great article on the problems with most explainer videos.

Explainer video

Animation – Fine for some internal & training uses but not for a time poor audience you are trying to build a rapport with.


 What’s your story?

Don’t give people a long lists of facts & features in your video, build some story in. Who are the heroes behind your company? Save your detailed feature lists and statistics for your other print media and web pages.

Viewers are thinking “Why should I trust this company and choose them over others” – so show them.005breakfast-low


 Don’t try and say everything- Keep it simple

The visuals in your video will already contribute so much information to your spoken message. There is no need to spoon feed the audience.

If you want to say more, look at producing multiple videos with separate focused messages- it may not even cost any more than trying to squeeze everything into one video.

Keep in mind video also works best when used as one part of a bigger campaign strategy. Be ready with supporting follow up media, including additional videos, website and print to fill in the information gaps.

marketing videos


Work out the videos key message in one sentence

What would your like your audience to do with the information they have just been given? How do you want them to respond or feel? What behavior are you trying to change?

Really think – If there is just one thing that a viewer took away from the video what would that be?

Write it down before you even start and refer back to it time and time again during the whole production process to keep the message focused.


Use Professionals

You already know the obvious things to avoid, everyone has seen a “bad video”

This isn’t where I’m going with this.

Someone in your company, a friend or amateur video producer may have the technical ability to create a visually satisfactory video,  however you can guarantee 100% of their attention will be on the “how” rather than “why”. Frequently people invest a huge amount of time and energy into making a video only to realise the overall concept wasn’t right in the first place.

It’s not only about choosing the right concept.  It’s the hundreds of small strategic decisions that are made during production, based on years of experience, that will make it not just a good video but a great communication.

Using a professional, experienced video producer will save you a lot of time and money.

video production perth

Business large & small are seeing amazing results from professional online video. Do it properly and save yourself a lot of time and money.

Testimonial driven promotional videos

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Testimonial driven videos are amazing for building trust in a viewer. In a matter of minutes or even seconds the viewer has heard real words from real people telling them all the great things about your business. These mean so much more than just scripted words from a voice over.

Rockingham Shopping Centre Promotional Video from In Shot Productions on Vimeo.

The brief

Rockingham Shopping Centre hired us to produce 3 testimonial driven videos for them.

  • A video based around the fashion mall in the centre
  • A video based around the entertainment street (Syren Street)
  • The main video encompassing the first two videos plus everything else that Rockingham Shopping Centre has to offer.

The Purpose

To change the perception of the shopping centre and build awareness among locals who may not have been aware of everything Rockingham Shopping centre now had to offer.

Behind the Scenes

compilation Ace

We had a blast filming inside Ace Cinemas while they were closed. I love how Craig recreated the projector light so the scene had a very real to life feeling for the viewer.























Thank you so much to our work experience guys Andrea, Zach and James for your help and for capturing some great behind the scenes shots. A HUGE thank you also to our unpaid extras who took time out of their day to help us out.






Syren Street at Rockingham Shopping Centre from In Shot Productions on Vimeo.

Fashion at Rockingham Shopping Centre from In Shot Productions on Vimeo.

We win “Rottofest” comedy short film festival!

Friday, September 20th, 2013

We are very happy to announce that we recently won the major prize at “Rottofest” comedy short film festival for our video “How to Stop Cat’s Forever”! We were already happy enough that we had the privilege of one of our comedy videos be shortlisted & screened at the event. Then while attending this years screening it was a bigger surprise to hear the judges call our name! Our video was one of a number of short films from around Australia to be shortlisted for the event which included two categories: under 2 minutes (Funniest Sketch) and 2 to 8 minute duration (Funniest Short).

Rottofest winner announcement

Rottofest is fantastic, all encompassing comedy festival featuring live music, stand up comedy acts by well know comedians and the short film competition “Australia’s Funniest Shorts”. The event happens on Rottnest Island, Western Australia and if you are into live music, comedy and a casual relaxed atmosphere, it is definitely worth checking out in 2014.

Just after the winner was announced

Just after the winner was announced

For those who haven’t seen the video here it is!

The best way to engage a video audience is by using people! Ashoil ESS Shoot

Monday, April 15th, 2013

As we always say the best way to engage an audience in video is to use people! So we we went for an interview driven approach when ESS hired us to promote the good work they are doing for the environment in the Pilbara. ESS is working together with Ashoil who convert used cooking oil (which ESS supplies them with) into biodiesel. By interviewing the head of both companies we ended up with a positive communication, not only useful for ESS but Ashoil as well.

Pretty amazing and revolutionary stuff! I love how my job allows me to meet every day people who are doing inspiring and beneficial work to our planet. I also loved flying up to my old home town Tom Price! (Kristen)

Interview driven testimonials

Working with Paul and Darryl in Tom Price, the beautiful landscape, writing scripts on a plane and living it up in high vis!

A video testimonial builds trust

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

A written testimonial works wonders for proving to your potential customer that you are trustworthy, reliable and your work is of high quality. So what do you think a video testimonial can do for your business? People are much more likely to watch a video through to the very end than to read every word on a webpage. In a video testimonial you can also catch the client’s enthusiasm and passion as they convey the message. A potential client cannot be sure that a written testimonial has been faked by the business themselves! With a video testimonial, the viewer can see the person and their sincerity and it builds trust with the viewer.

Video testimonial builds trust

An example of a video testimonial

Below is a video testimonial of a past client of ours Kym Francesconi from the Small Business Development Corporation talking about a job we did for her called Tourism Boost For more information on our involvement in this project click here.

Golf…”Accurately” Commentated- Corporate Event Video Production

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Every year the Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets put on an annual corporate golf day for their clients at Joondalup Resort. Knowing our comedic background (Craig’s youtube videos) they asked us if we could provide event video coverage of the day to be played at a gala dinner the following evening. The only requirements we were given was that it had to be funny and it had to be edited in only a few hours.

RBC golf day Corporate Event Video Production Coverage
Best part was we got to drive around a golf cart all day!

“This is the 4th year we have been doing videos. This is by far the best one we have had.
On the event night the crowd was in hysterics for the whole duration of the video.”
Rema Suleiman
Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets

A short clip from the 2012 edit.

Promotional video for the City of Mandurah

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

In a past post we mentioned that we had the opportunity to film a short tourism promotional video for the City of Mandurah (Western Australia), I just realised that once complete we never posted the final complete video.

Feel free to check it out below:

As part of the City of Mandurah’s destination guide marketing campaign and re-branding they engaged our services to produce this film to highlight the well known and lesser known tourist attractions of WA’s peel region. This was targeted at both local and overseas tourists.

Variations of the video including an online version, purchasable “video post-card” version and short form version for use in an international conference, have all been developed.

Additionally a branded “looping” slide show featuring the video and images from local photographers has been produced which currently plays within the Mandurah tourist centre. There have also been plans for this version to be used to entertain and inform tourists via the video screen system of the inner city shuttle bus en-route from the train station to the Mandurah CBD.

The video features a simple voice over narrative concept which has been edited with both high quality impromptu location footage as well as some location scenes with volunteers “extras” arranged by the City of Mandurah.

The road to one million views – Craig’s intervew on our viral video including tips on producing online video content for fun or business.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Celebrating 1 million views on YouTube with an improvised bottle of Moet - for a video about an improvised cat deterrent.

Craig was recently interviewed about our viral video “How to stop cats pissing on your car”, which has recently cracked one million views on Youtube.

The interview with Web Active Media discusses the background that lead to the creation of the cat video, his thoughts on what lead to it being a massive viral success on Youtube and Craig discusses some tips for businesses and individuals for producing successful online video content.
The interview also gives some insight into the background of In Shot Productions and why we love doing what we do.

If you interested in checking out the full interview you can find it here.
If you just want to have a quick read of some of Craig insights into online video I have summarised a couple of the Q&As below:

The video is funny, clever and of course cat centric which would suggest YouTube greatness, but what do you think are key factors to it’s success?
I guess one can never be completely sure but a major aspect that many have suggested is originality. Which makes sense as the video idea came about completely organically. I didn’t set out to copy someone’s style or idea or to even create a viral video.

I also believe a major ingredient is that it has a good story structure. People are instinctively receptive to stories with a start, middle and end. The video has characters and you could even say that it has good guys and bad guys. Story structure is a point to remember when producing any video including corporate video content.

What advice would you have for SMEs thinking of producing a video or videos specifically for marketing purposes?

Firstly I think businesses shouldn’t initially think “viral video” when they think of online video marketing. Unless you have global distribution of your product or service and have a great video idea that will directly feature your product, it’s unlikely you will have many relevant leads from you video. ie. You are better having a video viewed by 100 people in your target market than 100,000 random people internationally.

For SME’s the simplest way to get started with online video marketing is to produce a conversion video. That simply can be a promotional video on your home page or even some client testimonials. It builds trust and informs people further about you whom are actively looking at products and services in your industry. This increases your conversion of leads into sales.

As a business owner you really want to look at how you can set yourself up as an “expert” in your industry and video is a great way to do this.
If you are looking at producing more regular video content this can be achieved with “how to” videos or industry news and “tips” style videos. This can generate new leads and keep you in the top of the mind of your clients.
If this is the approach you are going for as a main tip for content ideas, really think about what people actually “get” out of your product or service. For example for a camper trailer manufacturer, your target market generally isn’t that interested in say the manufacturing techniques you use or even your product range, but they are interested in travel and adventure, so you could perhaps do a series of videos detailing some popular camping destinations while only subtly featuring your products in the background of the story.


We would love to here your thoughts on what you think made the cat video so popular, feel free to post a comment.