DJI Mavic Air – Landscapes in Greece

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DJI Mavic Air – Landscapes in Greece

Last year we were fortunate enough to go on a family holiday to Greece. My father was born in Sparta and we decided to go visit together with my parents and our kids to see his birth place.

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What Drone to Take on Holiday?

Because to be honest we really aren’t going anywhere without one! We already have a DJI Phantom 4 drone but it is bulky and inconvenient to take on holiday, it needs its own whole backpack to travel. So we decided to purchase a small holiday drone that we could fit into existing backpacks, was light but also took great stills and video. After much research we went with the DJI Mavic Air.

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We were thrilled with the quality, the ease of use and the portability. Here are some photos we took while away in a beautiful country.

Gytheio, In the south of Greece (pronounced Yitheo)

The iconic Pathenon in Greece

Gytheio in Greece. The beaches are difficult to get to but are warm and spectacular

The Island of Paros. We caught this 4 hour ferry from the mainland.

Vrodomas – My dad’s birth village just outside of the city of Sparta

The ancient town of Mystras in Sparta. Well worth a visit

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