Foam cutter – How to make it the easy way!

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Foam cutter – How to make it the easy way!

So I have been busy with my youtube channel over the summer and have made a few “how to” videos that nobody asked for.

Making your own Foam Cutter

How to build a foam cutting table the simple way… to cut foam, styrofoam or plastic. There are many of videos showing different ways to build your own hot wire foam cutter or “styro-slicer” (ie King of Random) which are all great builds- but time consuming. If you are after a quick easy DIY method to make a homemade foam cutter – then this is for you. I needed a styrofoam cutter for a project that was cheap, full size, could cut angles & had variable heat – plus could be made quickly – from what I have seen this is the most full featured, yet easy way to make a professional size foam cutter.


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