An End of An Era! The Closing of Princess Margaret Hospital

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An End of An Era! The Closing of Princess Margaret Hospital

The Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation put on a thank you day for all staff and patients of Princess Margaret Hospital before it closed in June last year.
This is a highlight video we put together showcasing such an emotional day. There was a photo booth, face painting, choir, sausage sizzle and much more!
The hospital first opened in 1909 and has been a part of most West Australian’s lives at some point.

GoPro Fusion 360 Camera

We recently purchased the GoPro Fusion 360 camera and you may recognise some shots from this when we give it to Stitches the bear. Pretty cool stuff! It allows you to capture every angle all at once, giving the editor the freedom to choose what they want to work with. Would definitely recommend this camera, such a different way to view the world!

Being a Nurse At PMH

In the lead up to the closing of the hospital, we were asked to produce a video on what it was like being a nurse at PMH. They wanted to show this video at upcoming events as a thank you to the nursing staff past and present at the hospital for all of the energy and effort they have put into their roles over the years.


PMH’s 107th Birthday Celebration

Here is also a video we did a couple of years back for PMH’s birthday , which we were lucky enough to became a finalist in for the Australian Video Producer’s Association Awards for best highlights of an event.

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